Overwatch Lego sets are on the way, and there’s a good chance they’ll be unveiled during this weekend’s BlizzCon. The Lego Group today revealed a massive, nine-foot Lego D.Va statue that will be on display during the convention.

Constructed from 145,276 Lego pieces (43,853 of which are pink), this statue weighs 1,256 pounds, and took 731 hours to build. While this is just a statue, odds are it represents one of the sets fans will be able to purchase, and likely gives us our first-look at D.Va’s minifigure design.

Let’s hope D.VA and her mech are one of the smaller sets that releases, and she doesn’t end up as a part of a larger battle set that will cost a small fortune. Let us know what you hope to see from Overwatch’s Lego debut in the comments section below.